Thursday, 26 September 2013

Common Mistakes Designers Make

The designing of a single web page of an individual or a full-fledged E-Commerce based website requires dedication and expertise on the part of web design services. A creative designer takes into account many aspects that are required to make a website design that looks catchy and attractive on the first look itself. But there some custom web design companies who hire inexperienced designers who can ruin your website with some basic mistakes.
1. Use of Heavy Graphics: The Use of too much graphics and, at times, heavy files really puts off the user. There are still many regions in the world where the Internet bandwidth is not as fast as in USA and most of the European countries. So a graphic rich site can be a deterrent for some users that can be your potential customers, so you have to keep this aspect in mind while discussing your website design with your custom web design company. This can also happen because clients can’t convey what they really want out of a website and designers try to be too much tech-savvy and use heavy graphics and animation to woo the audience of the website.
2. Content not engaging enough: On the Internet, content is the king. The more users friendly, fresh and engaging the content will be, the more hits it will garner and generate more traffic for your website. Although not directly connected to the web design aspect, a creative web designer must know this facet and should consult the copywriter / content writer of the company to come up with engaging content for the websites.
3. Too many Ads: Whether you are redesigning your website from a custom web design company or working with a corporate web design firm for your company’s official website, the irritating ads on the home page or pop-ups are very annoying aspects and you should strictly ask the web design services to curtail down the number of ads significantly so that the average user would concentrate on the content of your site, not on the ads that will distract him and you can ultimately lose your potential customer.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Why your Company needs a New Custom Business Logo Design

A company’s logo is purely about the brand identity and recognition by its audience and eventually the customers. Effective logo is also like an effective slogan. It differentiates between brands selling the same items. That’s why companies change their logos by hiring a custom logo design service to spread awareness among their customers and general public at large. An example is Surf Excel which changed its name from Surf to Surf Excel, changes logo and slogan too, in short totally revamped its brand image because to differentiate its product as it became a generic product and every other detergent powder was called surf by the customers, not knowing that Surf was actually a brand itself.
There can be quite a few reasons why a company may be in need of a new logo. Diminishing sales, uninspiring logo and a backlash from the customers regarding both the above factors can be just some of the reasons. The company’s management should start to think in the direction to alter or change the logo entirely if they come to know that it’s the brand logo, slogan or their marketing strategy which is not working. The latter two needs some time to implement but a logo can be changed within few days. There are companies who offer these corporate logo design services, like us, so you can get a quote from us right away.
A Superb Custom Logo Design Company
The logo change can be termed as rebranding as it will also change the way you do business. A creative logo designer will work in your favor and turn the fortunes of your brand and eventually your company’s too. The business logo design that we will create for you will be of really fascinating and refreshing to watch. As people always go for a novel thing or idea, your clients will see your product as something they can relate to.
We are certain our best logo design service will win over hearts of your clients and your product will start to flourish once again.

Great Web Sites for Design Inspiration

When creating a web page from the scratch, there are many factors which have to be considered by the designing team. Some of the aspects are the needs, thoughts, feelings and expectations of the end user which should be envisaged. Our corporate web design team creates maverick design inspiration for our clients to no end. The context of use and goals are also kept in mind as eventually our prime focus is on the final outcome, with our custom web design service earn us all the accolades and encomiums from our clients.
For Elegant Corporate Web Design Services
Imperatively speaking, the focal point of a great web design is about catering the ever-expanding need of the user for a rich and diverse Internet experience sans any hiccups and hurdles. Our creative web designer can provide you the solution you were longing for.  The information added and updated and the design’s overhauling is a painstakingly difficult job. The veneer should portray many attributes, minutely taken care of. Usefulness, desirability, accessibility and credibility of the information presented on your site are just some of the qualities which give us a sublime touch in creating corporate web design. Delving into unchartered territories in search of the perfect web design experience is what we excel in.
Glittering Custom Web Design for your Business
The audience on the Information Super Highway (The Internet; a term coined by former US Vice President Mr. Al Gore) is not just a mere spectator these days. And the profusion of information on the Internet also makes the task of creating mind blowing custom web design even more cumbersome. The scrutiny of your websites with magnifying glasses is done by the end-users and your serendipity of survival depends upon innovative design and deft packaging of the final product in which we have years of experience. We entrance and enthrall our customers by successful presenting the best web design services online.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Get in the Vogue with a Scintillating Logo

A logo that a company uses should be a reflection of the premier brand of the company. It is also about the company’s culture and philosophy. Most of the times a logo is designed keeping not only just the local market in mind but the international market as well, that is, a logo that will be accepted all over the world.
A logo is the true identity of a company. Along with the slogan, the logo of any company should be instantly recognizable and should serve as a matter of prestige and reputation. As a company can have several brands, it’s the logo which differentiates between them. A brand’s logo can be changed so as to complement the changing times and trends. For example, over the years McDonald’s logo has been changed several times and the latest one is in use since 2006. 
The Designing of Logo is not an Easy Task to Accomplish

The designing of your logo should be done with great care and after much brainstorming. A company can also hire a firm or individual who can design the logo of their brand as this is much feasible. This process will save your precious time and you will have the luxury to choose from many logos. Although there are websites from where you can get a logo for free, but these can be termed as a dime a dozen and therefore should be avoided. The logo of any brand should be customized for a maximum impact.
You will find people who oppose to having a logo for a brand and argue that it’s the quality of the brand and eventual sales that matter, not the logo itself. But having a distinct logo helps a brand establish a unique image in the minds of the customers. The brand loyalty factor can also be somewhat attributed to a stunning logo that is etched in the mind of the viewer. The logo creates a good impression and can sometimes conceal some shortcomings in the product. 
The Logo Should be Striking Enough to Garner Attention

As an eye-catching logo can build up the image of your company. Similarly a poor looking logo can tarnish the image of your brand for good. So a company has to be very vigilant and careful in selecting a logo either with the help from a graphic designing firm or someone from within the company. The logo should also convey largely about the brand.